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    Speaker Preparation

    If you are presenting at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, this is where you can find all the information to ensure you will have what you need in place when you arrive. All of our services are available to SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 presenters free of charge.


    Speaker Preparation Room

    Room 508C, Level 5


    All presenters are required to check in at the Speaker Preparation Room soon after they pick up their credentials at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Contributor Registration. This is the time for you to confirm your AV and computer equipment requests, rehearse your presentation, and inquire about any additional presentation needs you may have while at the conference. We will also have your speaker ribbon there.


    In the Speaker Preparation Room, you can test your presentation and make sure that your software versions are compatible with the versions in the session rooms, and find out if you have all the necessary fonts, CODECS, or linked images to make your presentation work the way you expect it to.


    A speaker practice room (Room 508C, Level 5) will be available as a service. Presenters can book a rehearsal time prior to their presentation when they check in at the Speaker Preparation Room. Please submit the Rehearsal Booking Form to us to reserve a time slot.

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