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    Media Interviews


    Phillip Rosedale


    Keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013, founder of Second Life and co-founder of High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale speaks about the latest developments and breakthroughs in virtual reality technology.

    Richard Chuang


    Presenter at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Business Symposium and CEO of Cloudpic Global, Richard Chuang speaks about building a superfast production pipeline allowing creators to customize content for audiences in realtime.

    Dan McCoy


    Featured Sessions presenter at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 and Technical Director at Pixar, Daniel McCoy talks about the production pipeline used to convert films from Pixar’s catalog to stereoscopic 3D.

    Stanley Artgerm Lau


    Industry Master Classes presenter, co-founder and Creative Director of Imaginary Friends Studio, Stanley Lau speaks about his experience as a concept artist working on different types of visual development projects.

    Jigesh Gajjar


    Featured Sessions presenter at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 and Head of VFX at MPC Bangalore, Jigesh Gajjar talks about the studio’s work on the film World War Z.

    Paul Chung


    Industry Master Classes presenter at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 and Head of Animation at MPC Bangalore, Paul Chung discusses the history and state of the art work done in creature design and animation.

    Paul Kanyuk & Davide Pesare


    Presenters at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Courses program, Paul Kanyuk a crowd TD and Davide Pesare a lead shader soft engineer at Pixar discuss their presentation titled ‘Physically Plausible Shading and Lighting on Monsters University and Beyond’.

    Yoshifumi Kitamura & Hongbo Fu


    Emerging Technologies Director Yoshifumi Kitamura and Emerging Technologies Chair Hongbo Fu discuss the highlights of their program at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013.

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