Conference 3 Dec - 6 Dec Exhibition 4 Dec - 6 Dec

    Image Credits

    A Component Based Framework for Mobile Outdoor AR Applications © Mark Billinghurst and Gun Lee

    A la Française © Annabel Sebag

    Advances in New Interfaces for Musical Expression © Sidney Fels and Michael Lyons

    Ambient Obscurance Baking on the GPU © Hao Chen, Ladislav Kavan, Peter-Pike Sloan, and Jason Tranchida

    An Accelerated Pocket Extraction and Evaluation Technique for Druggability Analysis with Protein Surface © Takayuki Itoh, Ayaka Kaneko, and Yukari Nakamura

    Contre Temps © Annabel Sebag

    Cryptone © Masami Hirabayashi and Motoi Shimizu

    Introduction to Networked Graphics © Anthony Steed

    Pattern-Aware Shape Deformation Using Sliding Dockers © Martin Bokeloh, Vladlen Koltun, Hans-Peter Seidel, and Michael Wand

    Premier Automne © Carlos De Carvalho

    Real-Time Ray Tracing on Future Mobile Computing Platform © Jeongwook Kim, Jaedon Lee, Shihwa Lee, Won Jong Lee, Soojung Ryu, and Youngsam Shin

    RugbyBugs © Matthias Baeuerle, Fabian Friske, Emanuel Fuchs, Martin Lapp, Petra Schierke, and Carl Schroeter

    Spacebound ©Kyle Moy and Ellen Su

    Unsupervised Co-Segmentation of a Set of Shapes via Descriptor-Space Spectral Clustering © Daniel Cohen-Or, Oliver van Kaick, Yanir Kleiman, Oana Sidi, and Hao (Richard) Zhang

    All onsite photos are the copyright of SIGGRAPH Asia

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