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    Moving Pictures

    Friday, 05 December

    11:00 - 12:45

    Jasmine Hall

    Temporally Coherent Local Tone Mapping of HDR Video

    We present a local HDR video tone mapping method, that can significantly reduce the input dynamic range while preserving local contrast without introducing visually significant temporal artifacts.

    Tunc Aydin, Disney Research Zurich
    Nikolce Stefanoski, Disney Research Zurich
    Simone Croci, ETH Zurich
    Markus Gross, Disney Research Zurich and ETH Zurich
    Aljosa Smolic, Disney Research Zurich

    Interactive Intrinsic Video Editing

    Intrinsic decomposition allows powerful video editing by separating scene illumination from object reflectance. We introduce a fast and temporally consistent approach based upon a precomputed gradient-domain L2-Lp solution, that propagates user scribbles. Applications range from retexturing to illumination-aware compositing, speeding up turnaround times by orders of magnitude.

    Nicolas Bonneel,Laboratoire d'InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d'information
    James Tompkin, Harvard University
    Hanspeter Pfister, Harvard University
    Deqing Sun, Harvard University
    Kalyan Sunkavalli, Adobe Creative Technology Labs
    Sylvain Paris, Adobe Creative Technology Labs

    TrackCam: 3D-aware Tracking Shots from Consumer Video

    Tracking shots refers to a type of photography where the camera tracks a moving object, resulting in an image with foreground clear and background blurred according to foreground motion. In this work we propose a system to generate realistic, 3D-aware tracking shots from consumer videos.

    Shuaicheng Liu, National University of Singapore
    Jue Wang, Adobe Research
    Sunghyun Cho, Adobe Research
    Ping Tan, National University of Singapore

    Slippage-free Background Replacement for Hand-held Video

    A new method for motion-compatible background replacement, where both the video of a moving subject and the video of the new background are captured using a freely-moving hand-held camera. Special attention is given to avoiding slippage artifacts, where the subject's feet appear to slip over the ground.

    Fan Zhong, Shandong University
    Dani Lischinski, Hebrew University
    Daniel Cohen-Or, Tel Aviv University
    Baoquan Chen, Shandong University
    Xueying Qin, Shandong University
    Song Yang, Shandong University

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