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    Technical Briefs

    01 Full Conference 1 - Full Conference One Day


    The Technical Briefs program is a premier international forum for new research results in graphics, especially at the intersections of graphics with audio, image, video, and human-computer interaction.


    Leading international experts from over the world will present their results in peer-reviewed research spanning a wide range of research areas including, but not limited to sensor-based human-computer interaction, graphics and human-computer interface, high-dynamic range imaging, high-definition imaging, 3D imaging, image processing for graphics, high-dynamic range and high-definition video, 3D video, 3D audio, mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality, and graphics and multimedia. 


    Accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library, and indexed by EI.



    Technical Briefs Chair

    Andrei Sharf

    Ben Gurion University



    Technical Briefs Co-Chair

    Xiaowu Chen

    Beihang University



    Acquisition and Display

    Thursday, 04 December

    16:00 - 17:00

    Sweet Osmanthus Hall


    Thursday, 04 December

    17:00 - 18:00

    Sweet Osmanthus Hall


    Friday, 05 December

    14:15 - 16:15

    Sweet Osmanthus Hall

    Image Processing and Interaction

    Saturday, 06 December

    16:15 - 17:15

    Sweet Osmanthus Hall


    Saturday, 06 December

    17:15 - 18:00

    Sweet Osmanthus Hall

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