Conference 3 Dec - 6 DecĀ Exhibition 4 Dec - 6 Dec


    Presentation Session 4

    Day 3

    Friday, 05 December

    15:00 - 16:15

    Rose Hall 1

    Path Rendering for High Resolution Mobile Device

    In this paper, we present a novel path rendering scheme that provides a fast rendering on high resolution mobile device. Because legacy path renderings are memory intensive work, they do not provide enough performance (fps) on high resolution...

    Two-AABB Traversal for Mobile Real-time Ray Tracing

    Ray tracing is a 3D rendering method to produce photorealistic image by simulating the path of light. This technique can represent high quality visual realism, but it requires great computing power. Nowadays mobile processors have made considerable...

    Multimodal Mobile-Ambient Trans-Medial Twirling with Environmental Lighting to Complement Fluid Perspective with Phase-Perturbed Affordance Projection

    To illuminate the alignment between mixed reality juggling toys crafted using mobile devices and ambidextrous vectors twirling a projection of those toys, roomware lighting control is deployed to show the modeled position of a virtual camera...

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