Conference 3 Dec - 6 Dec Exhibition 4 Dec - 6 Dec


    Presentation Session 3

    Day 3

    Friday, 05 December

    10:45 - 12:00

    Rose Hall 1

    Jobim Botanic

    We describe the development process of Jobim Botanic, an app for those who wish to explore Rio de Janeiro’s Botanical Garden, one of the most visited attractions in the ”Wonder City”.

    ACO VIRTUAL - Everything is Remixable

    ACO VIRTUAL is an immersive interactive video touring installation which allows audiences via a Controller app on tablet and a Companion app on mobile to experience being surrounded by a chamber orchestra of 13 musicians and conduct the experience...

    A cross-platform, remotely-controlled mobile avatar simulation framework for AmI environments

    Nowadays, users are able to interact with digital content using their mobile devices almost everywhere and anytime due to the increased power, portability and ubiquitous connectivity of mobile devices. This paper presents the design and...

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