Conference 3 Dec - 6 DecĀ Exhibition 4 Dec - 6 Dec


    Presentation Session 2

    Day 2

    Thursday, 04 December

    15:00 - 16:15

    Rose Hall 1

    Retrogaming as Visual Feedback for Speech Therapy

    A key problem in speech therapy is the motivation of patients in repetitive vocalization tasks. One important task is the vocalization of vowels. We present a novel solution by incorporating formant speech analysis into retro games to enable...

    Design of SmartSail BLE, a Sailing Assisting System Using Mobile Computing for Novice Sailor

    We designed a hardware and mobile application to help novice sailors to enhance their sailing skills. The hardware comprises a wind index that senses the shift of the wind direction, a gyroscope sensor that senses the sail angle and Bluetooth 4.0...

    Efficient Interactive Visualization of Crowd Scenes on Mobile Devices

    The ability to view crowded public spaces in real-time has a variety of applications including virtual tourism, surveillance and sports. In addition, given the prevalence of handheld wireless devices, visualization on mobile handheld devices is...

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