Conference 3 Dec - 6 DecĀ Exhibition 4 Dec - 6 Dec


    Presentation Session 1

    Day 2

    Thursday, 04 December

    13:30 - 14:45

    Rose Hall 1

    An Energy Efficient Hardware Multithreading Scheme for Mobile Ray Tracing

    We present an energy-efficient multithreading architecture for mobile ray tracing, which constitutes a dynamic reordering of the rays in input buffer according to the results of cache accesses. Unlike to the previous works, our architecture is...

    Shading Language Compiler Implementation for a Mobile Ray Tracing Accelerator

    This paper presents a shading language compiler optimized for a mobile ray tracing accelerator, i.e., SGRT (Samsung GPU for Ray Tracing). By the compiler, application development productivity has been dramatically improved: 1) as an...

    A Feasibility Study of Ray Tracing on Mobile GPUs

    Ray tracing is considered to be a promising technology for enhancing visual experience of future graphics applications. This work investigates the feasibility of ray tracing on mobile GPUs. A ray tracer was developed by integrating state-of-the-art...

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