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    Bringing Stories to Life... Developing the Narrative for Games, Animation, and VFX

    Wednesday, 03 December

    09:00 - 10:45

    Rose Hall 3

    Story "development" is now taking place with ever more input from artists, programmers, and designers on what is possible (e.g. pre- and post-visualization). It is not exclusively the writer’s domain any longer. Covered will be universal methods that writers and storyboard artists use for development of story. This is an introductory course, building on story structure concepts. The session is designed visually for technical directors, computer scientists, animators, designers etc. whose work is essential in making “the story” come to life in movies, animation and games.

    This course is for those that want to understand how to develop story ideas into great storytelling. There are terrible ideas that through extensive development become excellent: Breaking Bad (idea- meth cookers) or Ratatouille (idea - rat wants to become a French chef).

    The purpose of this course is to take the mystery out of “what is story”. So the next time a producer or director talk about their vision for the story, the attendees will know what specific story benchmarks the producer/director are trying to meet in connecting emotionally with an audience.

    The purpose of the narrative is to create emotion in an audience/player. To make this happen, story development relies on backstory, iteration, brainstorming, research, borrowing and what-if scenarios. A story is often based on basic goals (win, escape, stop, deliver, or retrieve something). “Conflict” in story doesn't just reveal who characters really are, it is fundamental in creating emotion in the narrative.




    No prerequisities required.

    Intended Audience

    Professionals to students... who want a solid understanding of the techniques of story development for creating narrative content for animated films, VFX, apps, and video games. This presentation contains numerous visuals (i.e. animation/VFX clips and illustrations).


    Craig Caldwell, University of Utah

    Craig Caldwell, USTAR (Utah Science Technology and Research) Professor, University of Utah, USA and DeTao Master Academy, Institute for Animation and Creative Content, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, China. Industry experience: Walt Disney Feature Animation and Electronic Arts. Academic background includes Head of the largest Film School in Australia at Griffith University, Brisbane; and Head of the Media Arts Department, University of Arizona, Tucson. Presented at conferences such as SIGGRAPH ‘13, SIGGRAPH Asia ‘13, Mundos Digitales ‘13 and FMX2013.

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