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    GPU Compute for Graphics

    Wednesday, 03 December

    14:15 - 18:00

    Peony Hall

    Modern GPUs support more flexible programming models through systems such as DirectCompute, OpenGL compute, OpenCL, and CUDA. This course focuses on the application of GPU compute for real-time graphics in particular. Students will learn how to use the compute APIs, as well as how they can be useful, using practical examples from the game industry. To understand the new compute-oriented capabilities, we begin with a discussion of the underlying architectural concepts they expose. We can then turn to the common programming models that are driven by the underlying architecture, and how they are expressed in the various APIs available. The remainder of the course will focus on practical application. After covering some of the basic principles and practices, game developers will describe how they have used compute in games. Square Enix will describe some of the technology behind Agni’s Philosophy, their showcase demo for real-time technology. Takahiro Harada (AMD) will show how to implement Monte Carlo Ray Tracing in OpenCL. Each application will include discussion of how one or two compute features enabled the technology. Attendees will leave the course understanding where they can leverage new compute capabilities in their own applications, as well as the fundamentals they need for implementation.




    Some familiarity with modern graphics APIs and shader languages will be very helpful. Some understanding of basic multithreading concepts will also be helpful as this is more explicitly exposed in GPU compute.

    Intended Audience

    This class is designed for those who are involved in real-time graphics programming and are interested in how they might take advantage of the more general compute features for graphics, either for the first time or in new ways they haven't yet explored.


    Karl Hillesland, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)
    Napaporn Metaaphanon, Square Enix Co. Ltd.
    Yusuke Tokuyoshi, Square Enix Co. Ltd.
    Takahiro Harada, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)

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