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    The Posters program is an interactive forum for innovative ideas that are not yet fully polished, high-impact practical contributions, and offer a behind-the-scenes view of new commercial and artistic work, as well as solutions that help solve challenging problems.

    Contributors are expected to exhibit graphic displays of incremental, preliminary, partial, and innovative insights that are important but not fully developed.


    Posters are displayed throughout the conference days in a high-traffic area within the convention center. They will be organized in sessions by technical areas or thematic focus. Presenters will also discuss their work in scheduled sessions.


    Find out what this platform for work-in-progress and thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and applications in technical research will offer at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014!



    Posters Chair

    Andrei Sharf

    Ben Gurion University



    Posters Co-Chair

    Xiaowu Chen

    Beihang University


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